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Money You Should Ask

Nov 15, 2021

Planning a wedding is fun and exciting, but has everyone involved discussed their expectations for marriage, finances, and life together before saying, "I do?" 


Our next guest is Christopher Melcher, who has A-list celebrities, executives, trust beneficiaries, and tech company founders across California turning to him for assistance protecting their most valuable assets in high stakes divorces. With deep experience in complex family law litigation and premarital agreements, Christopher provides tactical representation in the most challenging family law disputes.


Christopher is a published author, with his work focusing on premarital agreements and financial issues in divorce. He is a partner at Walzer Melcher Law Firm, and Christopher is also an adjunct professor of family law at Pepperdine University School of Law in Malibu.


Bob and Christopher chat about the complex nature of money and divorce and the life lessons that helped shape his views today.


[3:54] Learning about investing from a young age. 

[6:34] Time versus money. Income dependent on how many hours worked.

[12:42] Shifting his mindset to kindness and calm.

[17:46] Nobody wins in divorce.

[20:21] Discuss your financial expectations before getting married.

[22:21] Emotional impact of financial disparity.


To learn more about Christopher and the services he provides, visit the Walzer Melcher website.


Connect with Christopher Melcher:




Twitter: @CA_Divorce