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Money You Should Ask

Jun 1, 2021

More often, when you do what you love, success will follow. Our next guest, Sharifah Hardie, is a business consultant, author, talk show host, producer at Bizzy Girl Productions, Candidate for 2024 California State Senate District 33, President of the Black Chamber of Commerce – Long Beach Area and an influencer. She is Host of Ask Sharifah Videocast and Podcast, as well as The Round Table Talk Show

Bob and Sharifah’s Conversation Highlights:

[4:17] Where Sharifah’s entrepreneurial spirit came from.
[5:20] “You’re wasting money,” she said.
[10:56] Why is it important to ask questions?
[14:19] Rebounding from homelessness and taking a Quantum Leap.
[22:49] Are you an entrepreneur or a hobbyist?
[25:50] The most common obstacle for entrepreneurs. 

Sharifah Hardie is the author of Signs You Might Be An Entrepreneur – How to Discover the Entrepreneur in You, and the e-book, Everything You Need to Know About Social Media Marketing.  

Connect With Sharifah:

Sharifah For CA Senate: